Artist Alley



Best known for his abstract art inspired from Basquiat, 90's Grunge, and combined with psychedelic colors and bold typography. Gabe aims to make his audience think bigger, brighter, and most importantly outside the box. 


CiCi, The Artsy Hippie

 CiCi, The Artsy Hippie is a Charlotte, NC based creative who specializes in Fine Art and Photography. Her style has been described as edgy, folksy, and whimsical. She is inspired by music, nature, comic books, and the world around her.  



My Name is Breonte Boyd. Born a Virgo in the realms of Charlotte, NC. Been inspired with the idea of creating since childhood. I’ve been creating art as a way of coping and seeing what beautiful can come out of this catastrophic world. 



For as long as I can remember I've seen myself as an artist. Against all odds I've kept to my vision as a creator creating my own style of expression from various influences like Tyler Edlin, Tim Burton, Ralph McQuarrie, John Molio and many more.